Pupil Ambassadors have an important role to play in the daily life of Parklands Junior School. Our Ambassadors undergo an application process that includes a letter of application, shortlisting and an interview. Successful candidates are then offered an Ambassador role for a term. Pupils are made aware of the responsibility that accompanies this role and the high standards of behaviour that all Ambassadors must adhere to.

As part of their preparation for the Ambassador role, pupils will be provided with training, provided by Mrs Watmough. Pupils will also wear a Parklands Junior School blazer to identify them as Ambassadors. They also attend a special end of year celebration with members of the Leadership team, Governing Board and parents.

An Ambassador role at Parklands Junior School is an excellent learning experience and a fantastic opportunity for children to excel, take responsibility and gain knowledge and skills that will benefit them immensely.

We are very proud of them.