School Clubs

Parklands Junior School offer a range of after school club activities for pupils of all year groups. Clubs run termly (roughly 12 weeks) and start at 3:20pm, finishing at 4:30pm.

The cost of a club is £30 per term – only payable via the sQuid online cashless system (please see below for details)

Places are offered on a first come, first serve basis.

To apply for a place in a club, fill in the permission slip at the bottom of the letters (found below).

Once all places a filled, any additional requests for joining clubs will be placed on a waiting list for that club for the following term. There is no guarantee of a place until you receive confirmation from the school.

All clubs are limited to 15 places, with the exception of Dance club, which has a limit of 30 places.

The following clubs all run from 3:20 – 4:30 on their respective days.

Crafts and Cookery – Mondays; Aiming to promote healthy eating and equip pupils with the skills and knowledge to promote a healthy lifestyle and learn new craft skills.

Art Club – Wednesdays; Aiming to help children further develop their artistic skills.

Netball – Wednesdays; Aiming to help children develop their co-ordination skills.

Spanish ClubThursdays; Aiming to achieve a basic understanding of Spanish, including useful greetings and phrases.

sQuid is a convenient and secure way for you to pay for your child’s catering, school trips, clubs and other offers online.

Reducing the amount of cash we have to handle at school is a real benefit to us as it eliminates having to count and bank cash, which is extremely costly. It also benefits the pupils as they will spend less time queuing and more time playing, and no longer have to carry cash to school with the risk of it getting lost or stolen.

Once you have created a sQuid account for your child, you will also be able to manage their account online at any time to:

  • Top up their account from your bank account, credit or debit card
  • Enable Auto top up so that they never run out of funds
  • Check their account balance
  • View their transactions


Whizz Kidz also offer after school football clubs, every Monday (for Years 5 & 6) and Wednesday (for Year 3 & 4).

Clubs are held on the school premises from 3:30pm – 4:30pm.

The cost for the six sessions in the first half term is £24.00.

To apply for a place fill in the reply slip on the form below.


Independent Martial Arts Karate School offer karate lessons every Tuesday for all years.

Clubs are held on the school premises from 3.30pm – 5.00pm.

The cost for karate is £39 per month, payable by standing order.  This one off fee per month covers the following:   Suit – tuition – insurance – license & membership – gradings (new belts & certificate of merit) – fighting mitts.

Application forms available from the school office.