Anti Bullying Committee


Our Anti Bullying Committee play an important role at Parklands Junior School. Our Anti Bullying Committee is coordinated by Mrs Watmough. TheirĀ Anti Bullying statement is as follows:

At Parklands we believe that everyone has a right to be listened to and a right to be heard. We seek to respect one another, understanding that we have a duty and responsibility to care for those around us. Our Anti-bullying committee propagates this message and each member works hard to stamp out bullying in our school. We meet on a weekly basis with teachers to discuss how children are interacting in the playground. As a result, we are able to conduct a robust and effective approach to prevent bullying in our school.


Anti-Bullying Committee Powerpoint



As part of our Anti-Bullying message, we had the privilege of watching an educational play from Firehorse Productions. The drama took children on a journey about what it is like to be bullied and the different forms in which bullying can take. View the pictures to gain an insight into the excellent production we experienced.