Question of the Week
















Yes because it is important to spend time with your friends and family.  If there is a tradition to celebrate, it helps you to express your emotions and feelings.  Be proud of your true colours  –  Lily Scott – 5SM







Yes, because women should be treated the same as men, they have the same job and have their rights.  Gender equality is important.  Women have their vote, so women should be paid the same.  Additionally, women work just as hard as men.  Also it is fair and equal  –  Lilly 5SM








No because everyone has the right to have fresh air and have fun  –  Meliz 4LC















Yes, if they make good decisions and work hard to make it work for others as well  –  Maddie 4LC

No, because some people do not know what it takes  –  Emmanuella  4LC







I think that the person who makes the food should decide because if others decide it will be hard to agree on a meal  –  Maira 4SS







Yes, since pets have the ability to boost a pupil’s confidence  –  Serine 4LD

No, because people may have an allergy to a pet and they could cause a distraction to your learning  –  Sushee 4LC







Yes and no because if you copy a text it’s ok but if you copy your partner either you will get it wrong and your teacher won’t know what you can do  –  Leia 4LC

You can copy others if they do a good thing but not their work, because the teacher needs to see what you know  –  Maira 4SS







I think yes because books give you a better imagination. The more you read the better your minds imagination is  –  Jessie C  4LD







Yes because this is like smoking but just from cars.  You can cycle to school instead to be healthy  –  Jessie 4LD

No because if there is an emergency, how will the police or the ambulances get in?  –  Elicia 6IE








We can learn to be happy because in the world some people are struggling and we need to give those people love and support, in order to be happy.  Everyone has a right to be happy  –  Lydia 6IE

No, because happiness is inside of you and all you need to do is find it  –  Ava 3EC







No, you shouldn’t take time out of school because you will be left behind and miss out on all the fun work  –  Maria 4SS

Yes, because if you are ill, you will spread germs and then other people will get ill  –  Lacey 4LD









Classmates help each other learn – Chloe 6IE

Yes, because everyone has something to teach – Isha 4SL








I believe people should not give up because not giving up is important.  By not giving up it can lead to anywhere  –  Amy 5SM

Yes, I believe there is a time when you try but you feel it’s not going to happen.  All that matters is you tried to do it  –  Elicia 6IE








Yes, because they need to keep healthy and some children can’t afford fruit  –  Annabelle (4LD)

Yes, because fruit contains fibre and energy which can power you throughout the day  –  Elicia (6IE)








We should spend more time with older people because they may not be there in the future and you will not have any memories with them – Adam (5ED)


Yes because they share a lot of wisdom and one day they won’t be here.  You will regret you didn’t share time with them – Elicia (6IE)







I think leaders should decide because they do what is best for us  –  Sushee 4LC

I think everybody should have a say because we have the rights to make our own decisions  –  Kristina (4LC)








I think yes and no because a drone could cause an aeroplane to crash.  But they can be fun and you can take great pictures with them  –  Madison (6MH)








Technology should be banned at mealtimes because mealtimes are family time  –  Oliver (5NH)








I think adverts should share news and opinions as they can inform people of what is going on in the world.  They can help educate young children  –  Daisy (6MH)







I think your gender does affect what job you get because in global week, year 6 studied gender equality and men got higher hourly pay than woman.  Also you may not get the job you want as a woman, for example getting a job as a builder  –  Sienna (6MH)









I think we have because there is more pollution in the air and in the water  –   Adam (5ED)











I think that remembering the past can help us make a better future because we can improve our plans and ideas by remembering our mistakes  –  Charlie (5NH)



Yes – for example Rosa Parks – she did the wrong thing (sat in the wrong part of the bus) but she was right – Ethan (4SL)

It is your to make sure you include people in your game. It doesn’t matter who they are – Oliver (5NH)



I believe if you are over 13 you should be punished because you know the ways of the world.  If you are younger, you are learning the ways of the world so you shouldn’t  –  Libby (6MH)