Question of the Week





I believe if you are over 13 you should be punished because you know the ways of the world.  If you are younger, you are learning the ways of the world so you shouldn’t  –  Libby (6MH)




Not everybody finds it easy to give up junk food, as it is addictive due to all the added sugar and fat.  I think if you want to eat more healthily, you should have a balanced diet.  This will help you work towards a more healthy diet  –  Poppy  6IE

I believe they are because they don’t help you learn and especially if you play before you go to bed it stops you sleeping well.  However, some games are educational but still not good for you.  It would be better to do something productive  –  Imogen  6KR



  Football can change the world because it brings the world together and it makes us realise we are all equal as people. It also contains teamwork  –  Daisy  5NH

To me a home is made from love, laughter, fun times, memories and most importantly family  –  Zoe 6KR

  Yes and no – because if they help too much the child won’t learn anything, but if the child struggles they would need some help  –  Helena 4LD

No because if you read a small range of books then you won’t learn anything new and reading a wider range of books will help your learning  –  Zoe 6KR