Question of the Week

















No, what improves your life is happiness and friendship – Max 6ED









Yes because we need more rules to save the environment and make the planet better  –  Leah 4RN








No because you might be taking them away from their family.  However, they might be in danger so we should help  –  Charlotte L















I think school uniform is important as it makes you feel equal  –  Maddie 5KB

School uniform is not important as we can’t express our own style with it which is what makes us unique  –  Dhilakshan 5SM







Sometimes, as you might need help when you are least expecting it, it’s not always smart to be independent  –  Lily 6KR

Sometimes, it is wrong to refuse help because you might want to be independent  –  Amber 6KR







Yes, because you can say something and not mean it but if you do it you know you can be trusted  –  Jenisha 5SS