Pupil Premium 2013-2014

The total allocation for 2013-14 is £90,000.

Use of Funding

Small group tuition led by teachers, i.e. booster groups, 1:1, 1:2 £20,385
Curriculum support staff and Teaching Assistants for interventions £48,285
Speech & Language Assessments, including purchase of language link £850
Pastoral support £660
Purchase of school-wear, revision books, breakfast and all clubs £4,970
Music tuition £600
ICT learning resources £5,000
Educational visits and trips £6,250
Staff development £3,000

Action Plan

Objective Action
Identify pupils who need targeted interventions. Plan intervention timetable based on pupil progress and those identified on Provision Map from June 2013 and November 2013 assessments.
Pupil tracking sheets and professional discussion with teachers.
Additional teaching assistant support for targeted groups of pupils. Focused small group interventions targeted to meet specific identified need.
Key focus will be-
reading comprehension,
Inclusion Manager to oversee intervention content and progress.
Additional support by teacher. Teaching in small groups in year 4, 5 and 6 for writing and maths, two days per week.
Progress reviewed as required with Inclusion Manager.
One to one tuition. Intensive support once a week for individual pupils in specific areas.
Progress discussed with Inclusion Manager as required .
Additional Resources. Provide specialised equipment, software or written material for pupils with identified needs.
Reviewed by Inclusion Manager.
Additional assessments. Arrange Speech & Language assessments where areas of concern have been identified to enable rapid provision of appropriate strategies.
Reviewed by Inclusion Manager.
 Mentoring Identified pupils to attend 1:1 sessions to develop self-esteem.
Trained outside mentor leads sessions over seven or more weeks and provides feedback on progress. Art therapy is also provided by qualified teacher.
Lunchtime social skills group. Provides appropriate social skills needed to engage with peers in the playground Member of staff discusses with Inclusion Manager.
Financial support. Assistance provided to allow participation in trips or residential visits or purchase of school uniform, breakfast and after-school clubs, music lessons, etc.

Impact and benefits to pupils:

  • Funding part-time teachers to support small groups of pupils with English and maths.
  • Pupils enjoyed the chance to work in a small group and school data shows that good progress was made.
  • Subsidise or fund extra-curricular opportunities so that pupils can participate with their peers.
  • Subsidise schools visits and trips.
  • Pastoral support made available for pupils with emotional difficulties.
  • Speech and language support two afternoons per week supporting literacy development.