Head Boy and Head Girl

We are delighted to inform you of two new roles at Parklands Junior School. As well as our school Ambassadors, we now have a Head Boy Jonathan Dean and a Head Girl Roni Stock. Here is a bit more information about them.






I am Jonathan Dean. I like acting and I played Zazu in last year’s school show; The Lion King. I enjoy reading and learning particularly History and Science. I am very competitive and I believe in my school. I like to express myself through writing.






I am Roni Stock and I am a very bubbly and energetic girl. I have a thirst for reading and learning. My favourite subjects are English, Maths and Science. I love to dance and express myself through singing. I am quite a competitive person and also very sporty.

We will bring ideas to our roles and share our desire to learn. We will inspire young minds to become enthusiastic about reading. We will help promote equality and stand up to racism. We will keep children motivated and educated. We will also encourage physical education so the children in our school gain access to a healthy lifestyle.

We are very proud to be representing our school.